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High-frequency inductors are usually used in mobile phones, and now mobile phones are also one of the necessary objects in people's daily life. we all know that mobile phones are a kind of high-precision products, and there are many precision components in them, among which inductor is one. Today let's take a look at the types of inductors used in smartphones.

The function of High Frequency Inductance in Mobile phone

As mentioned at the beginning, the inductors on mobile phones are mainly high-frequency inductors, which are sent through WiFi. Usually, we say that mobile phone signals are emitted, and the strength of mobile phone signals will directly affect the experience we use. The use of high-frequency inductors makes surfing the Internet faster and more stable, keep abreast of the latest social events anytime and anywhere, improve the quality of calls, and increase the sense of experience of mobile phones. In addition, the installation of high-frequency software must be supported by high-frequency inductors, otherwise the experience will be very poor.

The operation of the mobile phone is inseparable from the power supply, which requires the support of the battery, and the mobile phone battery also uses inductance. The mobile phone battery uses a smaller power inductor, and the small power inductor is in line with the mainstream development trend of mobile phones in the world today. And will not take up too much space, such as integrated molding inductor, this inductor is used more on the mobile phone.

Of course, the focus of the use of mobile phone inductor is high-frequency inductor, the high frequency of its signal transmission will be better, in use can also provide convenience to avoid some trouble.

The type of inductor needs to be developed continuously, and only in this way can we seize the opportunity in the cruel competitive environment. In fact, there are other types of inductors used in mobile phones, such as the new inductor products being developed, which are smaller than other inductors and can get more use space in the mobile phone inductor market.

The above is the introduction of the inductors commonly used in mobile phones. If you want to know more about inductors, please feel free to contact us.

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