The SMD inductor is selected with ten key points

1. The net width of SMT inductor should be smaller than that of inductor, so as to avoid excessive tensile stress during cooling to change inductance value

2. The precision of SMT inductors available on the market is mostly ±10%. If you want the precision higher than ±5%, you need to order in advance.

3. Many SMD inductors can be welded by reflow welding and wave soldering, but some SMD inductors cannot be welded by wave soldering.

4, maintenance, not only rely on inductance to exchange SMT inductance, but also know SMT inductance task frequency band, to ensure the task function.

5. The shape and size of SMD inductors are similar, and there is no clear mark on the shape.In manual welding or manual patch, do not misplace or take the wrong part.

6, currently there are three rare SMD inductors: 1, microwave with high frequency inductance.Applicable to the application of frequency band above 1GHz;2. High-frequency SMD inductance.It is suitable for spectrum vibration circuit and frequency selective circuit.3. Universal inductance.Generally applicable to tens of MHZ circuit.

7, different goods, the choice of different coil diameter, the opposite amount of inductance, the dc resistance is not the opposite.In the high frequency circuit, the dc resistance has a great influence on the Q value.

8. Allowing high current is also the target of SMT inductance.When circuits are required to carry large currents, the goal of capacitance needs to be considered.

9. Power inductance is used in DC/DC converter, and the magnitude of its inductance indirectly affects the task pattern of the circuit. In theory, it is often possible to modify the inductance by using the method of increasing or decreasing the coil, so as to achieve good results.

10. In the range of 150~900MHz, mission communication equipment in frequency band is commonly used with wound inductors.Microwave high frequency inductors must be used in frequency circuits above 1GHz.

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