Patch power inductance

This kind of chip inductance is also called: power inductance, high current inductance.Advantages are:

1. Surface mount high power inductor.

2, with miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance characteristics.

3, mainly used in computer display board card, laptop, pulse memory programming, and dc-dc converter.

4. Reel package is available for automatic surface mounting.

Due to its own configuration and coil technology, it achieves low dc impedance and high permissible current.

Apply automatic surface loading;

Excellent weldability and environmental resistance;

Suitable for reflow welding;

European RoHS counterparts;

Including lead-free terminals;

1. Error/accuracy:

2. Inductance value: refers to the value of inductance measured at the frequency of 100Khz.Therefore, different brands have different values.

3. Self-harmonic frequency: the frequency point of resonance formed by the inductance quantity and the inductance quantity.So in practice, don't use more than the self-resonant frequency.

4. Dc inductance: higher DCR value of winding inductance leads to heating.

5. Saturation current: the current value when the inductance value drops by 30%.

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