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For ordinary people, it may not be clear what the trigger coil is, and at the same time do not know what its specific function is? As a professional manufacturer of trigger coils, chip inductors, and New Energy power inductors, I will answer you today.

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The triggering coil is called the triggering coil, which plays a triggering role. For example, the coil connected to the base of the triode triggers the conduction of the triode. The trigger coil is on the stator of the magneto, and the permanent magnet is on the rotor. The rotor rotates with the magnet. When passing the trigger coil, the coil will generate current. The current control is connected to the thyristor in the rear electronic igniter. Connect the capacitor in the electronic igniter to discharge the ignition coil to generate high voltage.


The trigger coil of the thyristor is the same as the transformer, in fact, it is the transformer. The flashlight's trigger coil and general transformer appear to be a three-wire segment rod-like object. The inside is a small cylindrical magnetic core with hundreds of windings on it. It can instantly generate a trigger voltage above 8000V to trigger the flashlight.

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