What materials are needed for SMT inductors

Overview of SMT inductance

Chip inductors, also known as the power inductors, large current inductors and surface-mounted high power inductors.It has the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance.

What materials are needed for SMT inductor?

SMD inductors need to use materials: mainly magnetic core and copper wire.Because the SMD inductance is mainly composed of magnetic core and copper wire.

The inductance in general electronic circuit is hollow coil, or coil with magnetic core, which can only pass through a small current and bear a lower voltage.And the power inductor also has hollow coil, also has the magnetic core, the main characteristic is to use the thick wire winding system, can withstand tens of ampere, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of ampere.

The power patch inductance is divided into two kinds: with and without magnetic cover, mainly composed of magnetic core and copper wire.In the circuit mainly play the role of filtering and oscillation.

SMT inductors are commonly used in the market today

1) ferrite SMT inductor

Features: small size;Magnetic flux leakage;There is no mutual coupling between chip sense and high reliability.No lead, no tracking, suitable for high density surface mount;Excellent weldability and shock resistance, suitable for wave soldering and reflow soldering.

2) winding SMT inductor

Features: small size, suitable for high density surface mount;The parasitic element effect caused by the lead wire is suppressed by the end electrode structure.Better frequency characteristics and greater resistance to disturbance;Excellent weldability and resistance to impact;High frequency, high precision and good consistency.

3) ceramic laminated SMD inductor

Characteristics: alumina ceramics, suitable for high self-resonance frequency;Small size (1.6t0.8t0.8mm);At high frequency, Q value is high and inductance value is stable.Operating temperature range: -30℃~+85℃.Generally used for filtering and oscillation.

4) SMD inductor magnetic bead

Features: suitable for surface mount;Shape, size and electrical properties meet EIA standards;Good weldability and thermal impact resistance;Suitable for wave crest and reflow welding.

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