What is the role of inductor?

An inductor, also called a coil or reactor, is a passive two-terminal electrical component which resists changes in electric current passing through it.

What is the role of inductor?

It consists of a conductor such as a wire, usually wound into a coil. Energy is stored in a magnetic field in the coil as long as current flows.

When the current flowing through an inductor changes, the time-varying magnetic field induces a voltage in the conductor, according to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction.

According to Lenz's law the direction of induced electromotive force(or "e.m.f.") is always such that it opposes the change in current that created it.

As a result, inductors always oppose a change in current, in the same way that a flywheel opposes a change in rotational velocity. Care should be taken not to confuse this with the resistance provided by a resistor.

Inductor is basically an opposition to swift change in current. They are used to block AC while allowing DC to pass; inductors designed for this purpose are called chokes.



What is application of inductor?

Inductors in circuits are used to

1、maintain current.

2、Oppose swift change in current.

3、Providing an inductive impedance.

4、Provide transformer induction by mutual coupling.

5、Basis of all modern rotating machinery principles

6、They are also used in electronic filters to separate signals of different frequencies, and in combination with capacitors to make tuned circuits, used to tune radio and TV receivers.

Ferrite Core

Chokes Inductors Feature & Characteristic:

◆contain high-frequency ferrite

◆Comparatively large rated current

Axial Inductor Uses

◆Power supplies,DC-DC converters

◆TVs VTRs computers

◆compters peripherals

◆telephones air-conditions

◆home electric appliance

◆electronic toys and games

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