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Any element which produces magnetic field when carrying an electric current can be termed as inductor.

An inductor is a passive electronic component that storesenergy in the form of a magnetic field. An inductor consistsof a wire loop or coil.

An inductor has the property that it resists a change in current.

It is usually in the form of coil, wound over a magnetic or even air at its core .

Even a straight wire produces a magnetic field, and can be considered as inductor .

The inductance is directly proportional to the number ofturns in the coil.

The standard unit of inductance is the henry, abbreviatedH.

This is a large unit. More common units are the microhenry, abbreviated µH (1 µH =10-6H) and the millihenry, abbreviated mH (1 mH =10-3 H). Occasionally, the nanohenry (nH) is used (1 nH = 10-9 H).

what does an inductor do

The inductor is similar to the opposite of a capacitor.

In series it will resist alternating currents (AC) and let direct currents (DC) flow free.

how inductor works

A current through any wire will create a magnetic field. The inductor is a wire shaped so that the magnetic field will be much stronger.

The reason an inductor works the way it does is because of this magnetic field.

But if you want to read a more detailed explanation, check out Wikipedia’s inductor .

what is the use of inductor

Inductors are primarily used in electrical power and electronic devices for these major purposes:

1、Choking, blocking, attenuating, or filtering/smoothing high frequency noise in electrical circuits

2、Storing and transferring energy in power converters (dc-dc or ac-dc)

3、Creating tuned oscillators or LC (inductor / capacitor) “tank” circuits

4、Impedance matching

Applications of Inductor:

1、Filter: Inductors are used extensively with capacitors and resistors to create filters for analog circuits and in signal processing.

2、Sensor: Inductors can be used to sense magnetic fields or the presence of magnetically permeable material from a distance.

3、Transformers: Combining inductors that have a shared magnetic path will form a transformer.

4、In RF related application.

5、SMPS and Power supplies.

6、Surge protector to limit inrush current.

7、Inside the Mechanical Relays etc.

Types of Inductor

1. Air Cored Inductor (wound on non-ferrite material) – The inductor in which either the core is completely absent or ceramic material is used for making the core such type of inductor is known as the air-cored inductor.


air coils inductors

2. Iron Core Inductor (wound on ferrite core) – It is a fixed value inductor in which the iron core is kept between the coil.


Iron Core Inductor

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