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Axial Inductor

An inductor constructed on a core with concentric leads on opposite ends of the core. An axial inductor, also called a coil, choke, or reactor, is a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through it. An inductor typically consists of an insulated wire wound into a coil around a core.


Axial Leaded Inductor

Axial Inductor Uses

Small inductors for low current and low power are made in molded cases resembling resistors.

Most of the axial inductance users are electrical engineers

Axial inductors are available for both power applications and RF applications, and are available in many core materials including the basic phenolic, ferrite and powdered iron types.

These may be either plain (phenolic) core or ferrite core. An ohmmeter readily distinguishes them from similar-sized resistors by showing the low resistance of the inductor.

Both rod and bobbin shapes are utilized. Axial inductors are very suitable for tape and reel packaging for auto placement.

Origin of Axial Inductance

The axial inductors factor are mainly distributed in guangdong, China.

Axial Inductor vs Radial

Axial inductance VS radial inductance, the way of axial inductance is different from ray inductance, which should be selected in the circuit application.

axial inductor vs radial

Axial Inductor Polarity

There is no obvious polarity of the axial inductance, which generally does not affect the performance of the whole circuit in the phase-free circuit in use.

Axial Inductor Datasheet-GETWELL

      Series          Description     Inductance(uH) DCR Ω (max) DCI Ma(max)
ALP 0306 Inductors, Commercial,High Current, Axial Leaded
0.10-4700.00   0.06-70 20-1800
ALP 0308 Inductors, Commercial,High Current, Axial Leaded 1.0-4700.00 0.01-48 30-1500
ALP 0406 Inductors, Commercial,High Current, Axial Leaded 1.0-10000.00 0.10-95 10-1400
ALP 0608 Inductors, Commercial,High Current, Axial Leaded 1.0-47000.00 0.02-120 20-2500
ALP 0810 Inductors, Commercial,High Current, Axial Leaded 1.0-39000.00 0.02-69 25-3400
ALP 0912 Inductors, Commercial,High Current, Axial Leaded 1.0-100000.00 0.023-110 19-3500


Inductors, Commercial,High Current, Axial Leaded      
Axial Inductor Manufacturer

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