What are some common problems with fixed inductance?

What are some common problems with fixed inductor?Let's learn more about it together with China inductance manufacturers:

1、What is the function of a fixed inductor?

Fixed inductance mainly has the following eight functions:

a、Since current through an inductor cannot change instantaneously it can be used to reduce ripples in current. Majority of times they are used in dc supplies ranging from lab bench supply to HVDC links to reduce current ripples

b、Since they offer 'resistance’ to change in current, they are inserted in series with bus bars of generating station to limit the fault current whenever electric faults like short circuits occur in the power system

c、Since they can store energy in the form of magnetic energy they are used with capacitors to change the voltage level from low to high and vice versa. Examples include joule thief and dc dc converters

d、They are used in parallel with transmission lines to counteract the effects of parasitic capacitance in transmission lines which causes ferranti effect(This is basically due to capacitance effect between the transmission line and earth the receiving end voltage will be higher than sending end voltage)

e、Transformers use inductors to transfer power from primary to secondary using inductors

f、Speaking of Power transfer, they can be used to transfer power wireless with the help of capacitor in case of wireless charging and to send information through radio

g、They can be used as electro magnets and actuators (examples include solenoid Valves and motors)

h、They are used in sparkplug of automobiles to generate high voltage so that it can create a spark and ignite the fuel;

2、What is the range of resistance of fixed inductors?

The resistance value of the inductor is not visible, and can only be measured.The color ring marks the value of the inductance, or coefficient of self-induction, in units of Henry, milliheng or microheng.

3、How are fixed inductors manufactured?

Only a part of the fixed inductor coil, such as the choke coil, low-frequency choke coil, oscillating coil and LG fixed inductor coil, are produced according to the standard of 4102. The vast majority of the 1653 coils of inductor are non-standard parts, which are usually made by themselves according to the actual needs.

Due to the wide application of inductive coils, such as LC filter circuit, tuning amplifier circuit, internal oscillation circuit, balancing circuit, decoupling circuit and so on will use inductive coils.Getting the coils right is a tricky business.

4、Why is a molded or fixed inductor not used in boost converters?

Fixed inductors are always used in boost converters. Molding is just a way of manufacturing an inductor. If you mean molded ferrite, then this tends to be used for energy storage inductors with a high DC current rating but again they are common in boost converters. The picture you show is for a low current type but could still be used in a low power boost converter depending on its inductance and DC current rating.

5、Is a surface mounted inductor a fixed inductor?

A surface mounted inductor is a fixed inductor.A fixed inductor is one in which the value of the inductor is fixed and cannot be adjusted.

6、What is fixed inductor?

An inductor with a fixed amount of inductance is called a fixed inductor (or a fixed coil). It may be a single-layer coil, a multi-layer coil, a honeycomb coil, a coil with a magnetic core, etc.

This type of coil structure is based on the amount of inductance and the maximum dc working current size, select the corresponding diameter of enameled wire wound on the magnetic core, and then with epoxy resin or plastic packaging.

This kind of fixed inductor has the advantages of small size, light weight, strong structure, easy to use and install, etc. It is mainly used in the circuits of filtering, oscillation, notch and delay.

7、What are the classifications of fixed inductors?

Fixed inductor is usually made of enameled wire directly wound on the magnetic core, mainly used in filtering, oscillation, notch, delay and other circuits, it has sealed and non-sealed two kinds of packaging form, and the two forms have vertical and horizontal two kinds of shape structure.

1) vertical sealed fixed inductor:

The vertical sealing fixed inductor adopts the same lead, the domestic inductance range is 0.1-2200, rated operating current is 0.05~ 1.6a, the error range is ±5%~±10%, the imported inductance, the electric flow range is larger, the error is smaller.There are TDK series color code inductors at the entrance, and the value of the inductor is marked on the surface of the inductor with color points.

2) horizontal sealed fixed inductor:

The horizontal sealed fixed inductor adopts the axial pin, and there are LG1, LGA and LGX series in China.

The inductance range of LG1 series fixed inductors is from 0.1 to 22000 livability (directly marked on the housing), and the rated operating current is from 0.05 to 1.6a, with an error range of ±5% to ±10%.

LGA series fixed inductor adopts ultra-small structure, and its appearance is similar to 1/2w color ring resistor. Its inductance range is 0.22~100 vigilant H (color ring is marked on the housing), and its rated current is 0.09~ 0.4a.

LGX series of fixed inductors are also of small package structure, and their inductance range is from 0.1 to 10000 livh. There are four specifications of 50mA, 150mA, 300mA and 1.6a.

8、How is the fixed inductance constructed?

A fixed inductor is actually a fixed coil. It can be a single-layer coil, a multi-layer coil, a honeycomb coil, a coil with a magnetic core, etc.

In order to reduce the size of the fixed inductor, it is usually made by winding the wire with the corresponding diameter on the magnetic core according to the inductance and the maximum dc working current. Then it is put into a plastic shell and sealed with epoxy resin.

The fixed inductor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, strong structure and easy to use and install. It is mainly used in the circuit of filtering, oscillation, delay and notch.

9、How is the fixed inductance detected?

The inductance of the inductor must be measured by means of a special electronic instrument (such as a Q meter).The maintainer can use the multimeter to measure the resistance of the inductive coil to judge its quality.

In general, the resistance value of the inductor coil is relatively small. If the resistance value of the coil is infinite, it indicates that the internal or outlet end is open.Of course, the detection of the coil must be disconnected from the external circuit.

10、What is the development and application of fixed inductance?

Fixed inductors are widely used in networks, telecommunications, computers, ac power supplies and peripherals.

In mobile communications, rapid technological change has led to the emergence of personal networks around the world, devices are shrinking, frequencies are rising and digitization is progressing.As a result, the demand for the fixed inductor is extended to the low inductance range, which requires the reduction of the error of the inductance value and the reduction of the component size.

Technological innovation is rapidly emerging in Europe, the us and Japan.Mobile communication devices, such as portable phones, car phones, and primary cord phones, have become smaller, while at the same time gaining high frequency capabilities and low power consumption characteristics.Significant functional improvements are expected in the future, including innovations in communication systems.

The fixed chip inductor has been widely used in communication equipment, especially in antenna filter circuit, voltage controlled oscillator, power supply circuit as LC filter impedance matching coil, oscillating coil and choke coil, and in recent years as EMI noise suppression element to facilitate digitization.

Post time: May-26-2020