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Characteristics of SMD inductance

Now in all walks of life, the application of SMD inductance in our life is very wide, SMD inductance characteristics have a lot of, how much do you know about SMD inductance, SMD inductance have what characteristics, today for you to briefly introduce the characteristics of SMD inductance and characteristics.

1. Flat bottom surface is suitable for surface mount.

2. Excellent solderability with good end strength.

3. High Q value and low impedance.

4. Low magnetic leakage, low direct resistance and high current resistance.

5. Ribbon packing is available for automatic assembly.


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Characteristics of SMD inductance

1. Surface mount high power inductance.

2.Features of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance.

3, mainly used in computer display board card, laptop, pulse memory programming, and dc-dc converter.

4. Reel packaging can be provided for automatic surface mount.


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Inductive reactance of SMD inductance

The inductance of SMD inductance is related to two factors: the inductance L of SMD inductance and the ac current frequency f0 flowing through SMD inductance

The five calculation formulas of SMD inductance are as follows:

XL = 2 PI FL

Where XL is the inductive reactance of SMT inductance:

F is the frequency of ac current flowing through SMT inductor;

L is the inductance of SMT inductance.

The relationship among inductance, inductance and frequency can be further understood by this formula.


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When the ac current passes through the SMT inductance, the effect of inductive reactance on the ac current is similar to that of resistance on the current. Therefore, when analyzing the circuit, the inductive reactance of SMD inductance can be interpreted as "resistance".The "resistance" in equivalent circuit is related to frequency and inductance, so it is a special inductive "resistance".

In short, the above content is mainly the analysis of the characteristics of SMT inductor, SMT inductor characteristics and the inductive reactance characteristics of SMT inductor, through the explanation of this paper, I believe you will be more and more in-depth understanding of SMT inductor, hope this paper can have a certain guiding role for your work.

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