Fixed Inductor short circuit is not bad?

Fixed Inductor short circuit problem believe that many inductance manufacturers will encounter, really let them very headache and even some at a loss!

One, the fixed Inductor open circuit problem may be caused by the following reasons?

Below we have done the following analysis, hope to help you to the color ring inductance application and understanding.

1. All the products that have been tested during our production are detected through two processes, so there will be no non-inductance or open circuit problem in general.

2. According to our analysis, the possible reason is that in the process of forming, the force and technique of forming may have an impact on the inductance. The force during forming should not be more than 4 kg.

3, the correct way is to shake the molding machine when the force should be uniform, smooth, not fast and slow, the force should not be too big, so as to ensure that the product is not squeezed or pulled too large bad.

4, and inductance forming after short circuit, the inductance is before no molding, have electricity, so is the customer in the process of use, which caused the inductance of the short circuit, after further understanding to the customer, the customer is to use the machine, to the inductance forming, molding after used on PCB, but electrical inductance.

5. The following conclusions are given. It is preliminarily suspected that the chip inductor forming is subjected to too much external force, and the forming is subjected to too much external force, which results in bad open circuit caused by broken folding wire;

There is also a case, is after the current is too large, this type of inductance overload, the paint envelope breakdown caused by the bad open circuit, inductance has its use current, if beyond this current, inductance itself can not bear, cause open circuit;

6, there is a way to deal with the inventory has not formed the inductor to do a test, if the inventory has not formed the inductor to measure the results of the open circuit phenomenon, the inductor after the formation of open circuit so it can prove that the molding technique and stress caused by too much.

If there is an open circuit in the unformed inventory, it indicates that the inductors of this batch have quality problems.

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Post time: Aug-30-2019
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