Discuss the characteristics and characteristics of SMD inductance

The characteristics and characteristics of SMD inductance are useful for SMD inductance in many electronic fields. SMD inductance is also called SMD power inductance, SMD current SMD inductance and SMD surface mount high power inductance.

SMD inductors have the characteristics of small size, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance.SMD inductance smaller volume is more suitable for small volume of electronic products, then SMD inductance specific points and what are the characteristics of the use of it, let's have a look at the following.

Characteristics of SMT inductor:

1. Flat surface is suitable for surface mount;

2, excellent end strength of good solder;

3. High Q value and low impedance;

4. Low magnetic flux leakage, low direct resistance and high current resistance;

5. Braided packing is available for automatic assembly.

Characteristics of SMT inductor:

1. Surface mount high power inductance;

2, with miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance characteristics;

3, mainly used in computer display board card, laptop, pulse memory programming, and dc-dc converter;

4. Reel package is available for automatic surface mounting.

Inductance and reactance characteristics of SMD inductance:

The inductance of patch inductance is related to two factors: inductance of patch inductance L and ac current frequency f0 flowing through patch inductance. The formula of inductance of patch inductance is as follows: XL=2 PI FL

In the formula, XL is the inductive reactance of SMT inductance; f is the frequency of ac current flowing through SMT inductance;L is the inductance of the SMD inductance.The relationship among inductance, inductance and frequency can be further understood by this formula.

When ac current passes through patch inductance, the influence of inductive reactance on ac current is similar to that of resistance to current, so the equivalent understanding of "resistance" of patch inductance can be obtained when analyzing circuit.The "resistance" in the equivalent circuit is related to the frequency and inductance, so it is a special inductive "resistance".

SMD inductance characteristic, SMD inductance characteristics and impedance characteristics of SMT inductance, by understanding the characteristics and properties of SMT inductance, I believe you there will be more in-depth understanding of SMT inductance, hope this article can help to you, we are a professional SMT inductance manufacturer, if you want to buy inductance can ask our customer service.

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