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Inductors can be made by winding a core of conductive material, typically copper wire, or by removing the core or replacing it with a ferromagnetic material.The core material with higher permeability than air can bind the magnetic field more tightly around the inductor element, thus increasing the inductance.There are many types of inductors, most of which are made of outer enamel wire wrapped around ferrite spool, while some guard inductors place the coil completely inside the ferrite.The core of some inductive elements can be adjusted.Thus the inductance can be changed.The small inductor can be etched directly onto the PCB board using a method of laying the spiral path.Small value inductors can be made in integrated circuits using the same process as transistors.In these applications, aluminum interconnects are often used as conducting materials.In either case, the most common application of practical constraints is a circuit called a "rotator", which USES a capacitor and an active element to perform the same properties as an inductive element.Inductive elements used to isolate high frequencies are often made of a wire that passes through a magnetic column or bead.

Miniature inductor

Small fixed inductors are usually made by winding enameled wires directly around the magnetic core,

Mainly used in filtering, oscillation, notch, delay and other circuits, it has two types of sealed and non-sealed packaging, both of which have vertical and horizontal shape structure.

Vertical sealed fixed inductor vertical sealed fixed inductor adopts the same type pin, the domestic inductance range is 0.1~2200 H (directly marked on the shell), the rated working current is 0.05~ 1.6a, the error range is ±5%~±10%, the inlet inductance, the electric flow range is larger, the error is smaller.Imported with TDK series color code inductor, the inductance is marked on the surface of the inductor by color dot.

Horizontal seal fixed inductor horizontal seal fixed inductor adopts axial pin, domestic LG1.LGA, LGX series.

The inductance of LG1 series inductors ranges from 0.1 to 22,000 kilotons H (directly marked on the housing)

The LGA series inductors are of subminiature construction, similar in appearance to the 1/2 w color ring resistor, with inductance in the range of 0.22 to 100 sectionh (marked with color ring on the housing) and rated current of 0.09 to 0.4a.

LGX series color code inductor is also A small package structure, its inductance range is 0.1~10000 nm, rated current is divided into 50mA, 150mA, 300mA and 1.6a four specifications.

Adjustable inductor

Commonly used adjustable inductors include oscillating coils for semiconductor radios, line oscillating coils for television sets,

Line linear coils, intermediate frequency notch coils, frequency compensation coils for audio, stop-wave coils, etc.

1. Oscillating coil for semiconductor radio: this oscillating coil, together with the variable capacitor in the semiconductor radio, forms a local oscillating circuit to produce a local oscillator signal 465kHz higher than the radio signal received by the input tuning circuit.The outer part is a metal shield, and the inner part is composed of nylon liner, i-shaped magnetic core, magnetic cap and pin seat, etc. The winding made by high strength enameled wire is used on the i-shaped magnetic core.The magnetic cap is mounted on a nylon frame inside the shield and can be rotated up and down to change the coil's inductance by varying its distance from the coil.The internal structure of the TV medium frequency notch coil is similar to that of the oscillating coil except that the magnetic cap has an adjustable core.

2. Line oscillator coil for television: line oscillator coil was used in early black-and-white television sets. It, together with peripheral resistance-capacitance components and line oscillator transistors, formed a self-excited oscillator circuit (three-point oscillator or blocking oscillator, multivibrator) to generate rectangular pulse voltage signals with a frequency of 15625HZ.

Square hole, the coil of core center of synchronous adjustment knob directly inserted into the square hole, twisted line synchronous adjusting knob, can change the relative distance between the core and coil, thus change the inductance coil, keep the lines of oscillation frequency is 15625 hz, and automatic frequency control (AFC) into the circuit line sync pulse synchronous oscillation.

3. Line linear coil: line linear coil is a kind of nonlinear magnetic saturation inductance coil (its inductance decreases with the increase of current). It is generally connected in series in line deflection coil loop, and its magnetic saturation characteristic is used to compensate the linear distortion of the image.

4,Linear coils are made of enameled wire wound around a high frequency ferrite core or ferrite rod, with an adjustable permanent magnet at the side of the coil.By changing the position of the permanent magnet relative to the coil, the inductance of the coil can be changed to achieve linear compensation.

Choke inductor

A choke inductor is a coil of inductance in a circuit used to block an ac current path,

It is divided into high frequency choke coil and low frequency choke coil.

1. High-frequency choke coil: high-frequency choke coil, also known as high-frequency choke coil, is used to prevent high-frequency ac current from passing through.

The high frequency choke coil works in the high frequency circuit, mostly USES the hollow or ferrite high frequency magnetic core, the skeleton is made of the ceramic material or the plastic, the coil USES the honeycomb section-winding system or the multilayer flat section-winding system.

2. Low-frequency choke coil: low-frequency choke coil is also known as low-frequency choke coil. It is used in current circuit, audio circuit or field output circuit to prevent low-frequency ac current from passing through.

In general, the low-frequency choke coil used in the audio circuit is called the audio choke coil, the low-frequency choke coil used in the field output circuit is called the field choke coil, and the low-frequency choke coil used in the current filter circuit is called the filter choke coil.

The low-frequency choke ring generally adopts the "E" shape silicon steel sheet iron core (commonly known as silicon steel sheet iron core), permalloy iron core or ferromagnetic core.In order to prevent magnetic saturation caused by large dc current, appropriate gaps should be left in the core during installation

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