Color ring inductance recognition method _ the recognition order of color ring inductance

Color ring inductance identification method

Color ring inductor color represented by the number: brown 1, red 2, orange 3, yellow 4, green 5, blue 6, purple 7, gray 8, white 9, black 0

Color ring inductor color multiplicity: brown *10 (10^1), red *100 (10^2), orange *1K (10^3), yellow *10K (10^4), green *100K (10^5), blue *1M (10^6), purple *10M (10^7), gray *100M (10^8), white *1000M (10^9), black *1 (10^0), gold *0.1 (10^-1), silver 0.01 (10^-2)

The error level represented by the color of the color ring inductor is: gold 5 [%], silver 10 [%], brown 1 [%], red 2 [%], green 0.5 [%], blue 0.25 [%], purple 0.1 [%], gray 0.05 [%], colorless

The basic unit of inductance of color ring is “micro heng”

Take the four-ring inductance as an example:

Four ring inductance reading method: the first two digits are significant digits, the third is the multiplier, the fourth is the error level.

First ring: brown — represents 1

The second ring: black — 0

Third ring: red — represents two zeros, but the “2″ in the third ring is not a significant number, but the number of zeros added to the first two significant digits.

So, the inductance should be 1000, in what units?In the color ring inductance, all default to “enjoy” (inductance basic unit, symbol is uH).

The inductance value of the inductance mentioned above is: 1000uH (102)

So what does the fourth ring mean?The fourth ring represents the “precision” of the inductance, or the error of the inductance.Gold represents error ± 5% and silver represents error ± 10%.

Fixed Inductor

Identification sequence of color ring inductors

Find the color ring that marks error first, arrange the order of color ring thereby.

The most commonly used colors for resistance errors are: gold, silver, brown, especially gold and silver rings, which are rarely used as the first ring of the resistance color ring, so as long as there are gold and silver rings on the resistance, it can be basically considered as the last ring of the color ring resistance.

Whether the brown ring is an error marker or not.The brown ring is often used as both the error ring and the significant number ring, and it often appears in the first ring and the last ring at the same time, making it difficult to identify who is the first ring.

In practice, the order of the rings can be determined by the spacing between them: for the resistance of a five-ring ring, for example, the spacing between the fifth and fourth rings is wider than that between the first and second rings.

If the first step can not be identified, it is necessary to comprehensively look at the color ring, the first end of the second ring in which the ring appears for white, gray, purple, blue, green, yellow, is the second ring.

Color Ring Inductor

Key points of inductance identification of color ring

What are the key points of color ring inductance identification?

Note 1: ambient temperature

Color ring inductor in the circuit heating is what kind of situation, color ring inductor is generally used in the temperature of 40 degrees to 120 degrees below zero, but the temperature can not be too large difference.If the temperature is too high, then the inductance will show a state of decline.

Why this specific, color ring inductance temperature if more than 140 degrees, wonder the amount of inductance will drop sharply, because the higher the temperature of the use of the inductance, then the impact of the inductance products will be greater, the majority of users in the use of the process should pay attention to the temperature of the circuit.

Inductors cannot be used continuously at high temperatures.This in the use of the process to pay attention to.

Fixed Radial Inductor Polarity

Note 2: introduction to color ring inductance reading method

Color ring inductance reading method introduction: color ring inductance and four ring color ring resistance reading method, but the accuracy of the inductance is far less than the high resistance, the general carbon film resistance is 5%

It’s the same with resistors. If you’re experienced, go back to the list of resistors’ E24 sequences (1.0, 1.1, 1.2 through 9.1). So is the inductance.

Color ring inductance and four ring color ring resistance reading method is the same, but the accuracy of the inductance is far less high resistance, general carbon film resistance is 5%, the inductance is 10% (silver ring as the last ring), so put the silver ring is a very common method.

The first and second rings from the left are Numbers, and the third ring is the power of ten, such as brown black brown silver, which is 10*10 to the power, calculated in units of microhenry (uH) (contrast, ohms after color ring resistance reading), with silver representing plus or minus 10% accuracy.

Color ring colors represent Numbers: 1, 2 red, orange 3 brown, yellow, green, blue 6, 5 4 purple, white ash 8, 9, 7 black color ring color represents the ratio of 0: brown * 10, 100, orange, red * * 1 * 10 k k, yellow, green, blue * 1 m * 100 k, purple * 10 m * 100 * 1000 m m, white, ash, black * 0.01 * 1 * 0.1, gold and silver color ring color represents the level of error: gold, silver, 5% and 10% 0.5% 2% 1%, brown, red, green, blue, purple, 0.25% and 0.1% 20%, ash 0.05%, colorless

Color ring inductance


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