Color code inductance reading,color code inductance action

What is color code inductance

Color code inductance is also known as color ring inductance.

Self-induction, a special form of electromagnetic induction, was first discovered by Faraday in 1835.

Color ring inductors have important applications in radio technology and other production technologies.In the circuit, the inductance coil (color ring inductance) is usually composed of resonance circuit and filter circuit together with capacitor.

Because the working frequency range is very different, so the winding number of inductance coil, the skeleton material is also very different.The inductance coil, which is suitable for power filter, is generally wound on the iron core made of silicon steel sheet.

The inductance of color ring inductance L is also called self-inductance or self-inductance coefficient, inductance is a physical quantity that represents the electromagnetic induction ability of inductance coil.The unit of inductance of a color ring is a UH.This is the commonly used color ring inductance quantity, is also more commonly used, the unit of inductance quantity also: mH, H.

The calculation of the inductance of the color ring is: 1H=1000MH, 1MH=1000UH.The basic principle of color ring inductance is charge and discharge, of course, there are rectification, oscillation and other functions.

Color ring inductance is generally used for circuit matching and signal quality control, general connection and power supply connection, is also a kind of energy storage element.

Color code inductance reading

For example, nominal inductance quantity and deviation are 1.0uH, and the color code of ±10% inductors is: brown + black + gold + silver

Nominal inductance quantity and deviation are 0.22uh, and the color code of ±20% inductors is: red + red + silver + black.

The color code inductance reading is similar to the color ring resistance reading. Different colors represent different Numbers, which can indicate the inductance quantity.

Some inductance values are directly labeled on the inductance package;Some still need to measure with a meter.Specifically, the labeling method of color code inductance is basically consistent with the color ring resistance.

Color code inductance reading, the first ring, the second ring is a real number, the penultimate ring is a multiplier, the last ring is the error number, that is, the penultimate ring color only silver, gold, black, brown, red, orange these six colors.

The last ring is the error: the error of color code inductance is mostly ±10% in normal use, followed by ±5% is a small part, so the final color is only silver and gold.

For beginners, it may be difficult to identify which ring is the first ring of color code inductance. For example, the four-color code inductance, that is: the fourth ring of four-color code inductance, is either gold or silver, but not other colors;So you know which ring should be the first.

Of course, for professional color ring (code) inductance engineers, a look at which is the first ring.

The role of color code inductance in a circuit

1. There is a layer of insulating material between the two conductors of the color code inductance.Electric charges cannot pass through, and the conductors on both sides accumulate opposite charges under the action of an electric field. In the case of direct current, when charged, there will be no more current.This prevents dc action.

If add alternating current, due to the charge and discharge of the capacitor, it will be different with the voltage direction, charging charge also change from time to time, the current changes, charge and release, as if the current through the capacitor.This is coupling.

2, tuning circuit is the parallel circuit of color code inductance, color code inductance current can not jump, the formation of no voltage outside the circuit and the current direction capacitor charge, equal color code inductance potential energy release, capacitor once charged charge, and the inductance discharge, inductance and reverse charge.

This creates oscillations, and if the outside signal is at the same frequency as the oscillation in the circuit, it causes resonance, which is what electricity is called.

3. Can be used for frequency selection, tuning and filtering.What happens in this loop is the potential energy (in the inductance) of the transformer field energy (in the capacitor).Electric field energy (in capacitance) to potential energy (in inductance).

Delay is achieved by using a series of resistors in the capacitor charging circuit to limit the charging current and reach the necessary time for the capacitor to be fully charged.

4. Color code inductance (or inductance quantity) is a physical quantity that represents the charge capacity of an inductor.We increase the voltage difference between the two plates of the inductor by one volt. This is called the capacitance of a capacitor.

Color code inductors are, in physical terms, static charge storage media (like a bucket, you can charge charge into, in the case of no discharge loop [1], the self-discharge effect after dielectric leakage/color code inductance is measured significantly, the charge may be permanent, this is its characteristic)

It is widely used, and it is an indispensable electronic component in the field of electronics and power.Mainly used in power filter, signal filter, signal coupling, resonance, isolated dc circuit.

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