Characteristics and application range of SMT power inductors

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Characteristics and application range of SMT power inductors

The following are some commonly used types of inductors:

1. Type SP

Sp-type SMT power inductor is a non-shielded inductor with simple structure and mature technology. It is a power inductor widely used in the market.There are CD series, SD series on the market, the main models are: 3216, 3521, 4532, 5832, etc., mainly used for dc-dc power module, charger, etc.

2. Type the SPE

SPE type is a typical i-type chip power inductor, its appearance is small, by the majority of electronic products like, mainly used for some of the higher volume requirements of electronic products, gifts, LCD panels.Models: 321618, 322520, 453226, etc

3. SPRH type

This type of inductor can be used for video card, common motherboard, mainly because the inductor current is large, and the shielding structure is relatively stable.The main models are 74, 125, 127 and so on

4. Type SPBL

This type of inductor has a unique appearance, with a square base and a cylindrical body.Models: 6028, 7045, 1045, etc

5. SPF type

This type of inductor is mainly used in single-chip microcomputer, engineering machinery and other fields. It is not shielded structure, can withstand large current, 10UH sensitivity, and the current can be more than 10A.Models are 1608, 3310, 3316, 6640 and 5022.

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