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What should be paid attention to when winding the inductor coil? The following professional inductor coil manufacturers to interpret for you.

In the actual use of inductor coil, there are a considerable number of inductor coil non-standard parts, are according to the needs of the targeted winding.


When self-winding, the following points should be noted:


1. According to the needs of the circuit, select the winding method

When winding coil inductor, the winding method should be determined according to the circuit requirements, the size of inductive quantity, and the size of coil skeleton diameter. The interwinding coil is suitable for high frequency and ultra-high frequency circuits. When the number of turns is less than 3-5, the skeleton can be used. It has good characteristics, with a higher Q value, up to 150-400, and higher stability. The single-layer dense winding coil is suitable for short wave and medium wave circuits, with Q value up to 150-250 and high stability.


2. To ensure the coil capacity and mechanical strength, choose the appropriate lead

The coil should not be wound with too thin wire, so as not to increase the coil resistance and reduce the Q value. At the same time, the wire is too thin, bearing flow and mechanical strength is small, easy to burn or break the wire. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the flow and mechanical strength of the coil, the appropriate wire winding should be selected.


3. The tap of the winding coil should be clearly marked

Coil with taps should be clearly marked for easy installation and maintenance.


4. Coils with different frequency characteristics use magnetic cores of different materials

Different coil operating frequencies have different characteristics. The coil inductor works in the audio section, usually with silicon steel sheets or permalloy as the magnetic core. With ferrite as the core of low-frequency materials, its inductance is large, up to several heng to dozens of heng. Coils in the range of hundreds of kilohertz to hundreds of kilohertz, such as those in the broadcast band, are usually wound with a ferrite core and multiple strands of insulated wire. When the frequency exceeds a few megahertz, the coil uses a high-frequency ferrite core, and often a hollow coil is also used.

In this case, it is not advisable to use multiple strands of insulated wire, but a single strand of coarsely silvered wire. When more than 100 MHz, the magnetic core can no longer be used, only the hollow coil can be used; For fine-tuning, use a steel core. In high-frequency circuit used in the choke coil, in addition, to meet the inductance and rated current requirements of the circuit, but also pay attention to its distributed capacitance is not too large.

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