What is a choke inductor?

The inductance of the choke coil belongs to the inductance coil.

An inductive coil to resist alternating current.The coil reactance is proportional to the frequency, it can control the high frequency ac current, let low frequency and dc through.

Introduction of choke coil:

Choke coil is a ferrite core of common-mode interference suppression devices, it is made up of two same size, same number of turns of the coil symmetrically on the same ferrite ring core, forming a four terminal device, to the common mode signal present a large inductance with inhibition, and for the differential mode signal present a little small leakage inductance.

The choke coil can effectively suppress the common mode interference signal (such as lightning interference) in the balanced circuit, but has no effect on the normal transmission of the differential mode signal.

The choke coil shall meet the following requirements during fabrication:

1) the wires wound on the coil core should be insulated from each other to ensure that there is no breakdown short circuit between the coils under the action of instantaneous overvoltage.

2) when the coil flows through the instantaneous large current, the magnetic core should not be saturated.

3) the magnetic core in the coil shall be insulated from the coil to prevent the breakdown between the two under the action of instantaneous overvoltage.

4) the coil should be wound in a single layer as far as possible to reduce the parasitic capacitance of the coil and enhance the capacity of the coil to deliver instantaneous overvoltage.

A choke coil is actually an inductive coil, the only difference being that it is a functional inductive coil designed to limit the flow of current at a particular frequency.


choke coil

Post time: Apr-04-2020