What are the different types of inductors?

Inductance in the circuit is also a relatively common electronic components, today China's inductance factory and you talk about, what kind of inductance?

1. By shape

There is a hollow inductance, which is just a coil, and a solid inductance, which has a medium in the middle.


air core coils

2, according to the nature of the work

There is a high frequency inductance, generally used as an antenna, low frequency inductance, generally a filter coil.


smd power inductor

3. According to the package inductance;

Including color ring inductance, SMT inductance, epoxy inductance, etc.


inductor color codes

4, according to the amount of inductance

There is a fixed inductance and an adjustable inductance.


Rod inductor

5. Switching power transformer

Also belongs to the category of inductance, but the application is more extensive, can be classified as transformer.


high frequency transformers


Inductor type and application

Air core inductor

Core inductor

Ferrite core inductor, soft iron ore, hard iron ore

Iron powder inductor

Laminated core inductor

Inductors based on Bobbin

Ring inductor

Multilayer ceramic inductor

Common inductance is basically so much, usually when the use of type selection, you can refer to the above types.

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Post time: Apr-18-2020