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Selecting inductors need to pay attention to what, gev axial inductor suppliers with you to understand.

In actual selection, the following 6 items should be paid attention to:

1.The number of inductors should be the same as the requirements of the circuit;In particular, the tuning circuit coil inductance value to be accurate.When the inductance is too large or too small, the number of coil turns can be reduced or increased to meet the requirements.For coils with adjustable heart, the core should be adjusted to the middle position when measuring and debugging.When the inductance difference is large, the method of series and parallel can be used to solve.

2.The higher the Q value, the better.If the inductance of two inductors coils is the same, it can be used according to the definition of Q value (XL/R) to choose the one with the smaller ruler value, or the one with the same value and the larger wire diameter.

3.The applied voltage and current must not exceed their rated values.

4.For inductors with resistance to electric strength requirements, packaging materials with high voltage resistance should be selected. Generally, inductors with better voltage resistance have better moisture-proof performance. Resin impregnation, encapsulation and die-casting process can meet the requirements of this project.

5.Inductor leads or pins are mainly concerned with tension, torsion, solder resistance and solderability.When the components leave the factory for more than six months, the weldability test should be re-conducted to ensure the reliability of welding.

6.For SMT inductors, the size of the designed pads should be used.If the inductor with pin is selected, the same parameter can be used without clear provisions and the premise of adequate installation position.

The above is the selection of inductors should consider the six matters needing attention, we are professional inductors manufacturers, this article hopes to have some help to you!

Post time: Jan-06-2021