The 8 most common problems with air coil inductors?

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How much do you know about the air coil inductor?Do you think it's just one coil wound in a circle?The following Chinese inductance manufacturers have sorted out some materials, hoping to be of some help to you:

What is an air coil inductor

Air coil inductor type

Application of air coil inductor

The air coil inductor Q value is used in the circuit

The working principle of air coil inductor with iron core

Analysis of the cause of burning of air coil inductor

How to solve the heating of air coil inductor

What is an air coil inductor

The air coil inductor is composed of two parts, namely the hollow coil.There is nothing in the hollow center of guomingi. The coil is the conductor, which is wound one by one. The conductors are insulated from each other. When the current flows through the conductor, a magnetic field can be generated around the coil, and the strength of the magnetic field is proportional to the strength of the current flowing through the coil and the number of turns of the coil.Similarly, in a certain magnetic field, the magnetic field can be converted into electric energy by cutting the magnetic force line with the coil. By using this magnetoelectric conversion principle, it can be made into relays, motors, electric motors, wireless devices, horns and other devices.

Conductor material can be copper, iron, aluminum, gold, metal components, such as center of coil can be inserted into the metal type magnetic device to enhance its conductive flow generated by the magnetic field, when the coil center was formed when only the plastic frame or frameless air-core coil, hollow coil widely used, in order to adapt to a variety of needs, it is designed for round, square, oval, and all kinds of special shape.

Air coil inductor type

1. Classification by winding structure:

Single-layer air coil inductor, multi-layer air coil inductor, honeycomb air coil inductor.

2. Inductance classification:

Fixed inductance, variable inductance.

3. Classification by job nature:

Antenna coil, oscillating coil, choke coil, notch coil, deflection coil.

4. According to the properties of magnetic conducting bodies:

Hollow coil, ferrite coil, iron coil, copper coil.

Application of air coil inductors?

The air coil inductor can usually be used as a current transformer with a wide frequency band, small size, light weight, easy digital measurement, and microcomputer protection.It is mainly used in the fields of induction receiving, focusing, magnetic card, magnetic head, large current coil, low-voltage electrical appliances, industrial control, household appliances, automobile electronics, SMT mount, mobile phone, wireless transceiver, electronic navigation device, power regulator, amplifier, supplier and filter.

What does the air coil inductor do?

1. The self-induced electromotive force in the coil is always resistant to the current change in the coil.The empty core inductor has a blocking effect on the ac current. The size of the blocking effect is called inductive reactance xl, and the unit is ohm.Its relation to the inductance l and ac frequency f is xl=2 fl.

2, tuning and frequency selection effect hollow inductor and capacitor parallel can form lc tuning circuit.In other words, if the natural oscillation frequency of the circuit f0 is equal to the frequency f of non-ac signal, the inductive reactance and capacitive reactance of the circuit will also be equal, so the electromagnetic energy will oscillate back and forth between the inductor and capacitance, which is the resonance phenomenon of lc circuit.At resonance, the inductive reactance and capacitive reactance of the circuit are equivalent and reverse, and the inductive reactance of the circuit's total current is the smallest and the current flow is the largest (referring to the ac signal f="f0"). Lc resonance circuit has the function of selecting frequency and can select the ac signal of a certain frequency f.

Q value of air coil inductor in the circuit?

1, we tested the hollow inductive coil Q values are in communication, this will certainly have alternating current in the inductor through. Then inductance will produce the corresponding magnetic field changes, and the metal shell on the outside of the hollow inductor will also corresponding induced current (electromagnetic induction). When the current flowing in the metal shell will generate the corresponding heat loss.

2. Q value represents how much the loss is, that is, how much the loss is decreasing. Different metals have different resistivity, so the loss is different.

3. The Q value of the inductance is also a value reflecting the loss of the inductance. When the above situation occurs, the loss will increase accordingly, resulting in the decline of the Q value of the inductance.

Working principle of air coil inductor with iron core:

Inductance is the ratio of the magnetic flux of a conductor to the current used to produce the alternating flux in and around the conductor when an alternating current is passed through the conductor.

When a dc current is passed through the inductor, the magnetic force line around the inductor is fixed and does not change with time.However, when an ac current is passed through a coil, magnetic lines of force that change over time appear around it.According to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, which is the generation of electricity by magnetism, the changing magnetic force line will generate an induced electric potential at both ends of the coil, which is equivalent to a "new power source".When a closed circuit is formed, this induced potential generates an induced current.

It is known from lenz's law that the total amount of magnetic force lines generated by the induced current should try to prevent the change of the original magnetic force lines.Since the original change of magnetic force line comes from the change of external alternating supply, the inductor coil has the characteristic of preventing the change of current in ac circuit.Inductive coils have properties similar to those of inertia in mechanics. They are called "self-induction" in electricity. A spark usually occurs at the moment when a knife switch is opened or switched on.

Cause analysis of air coil inductor burning out?

The reasons for burning out of inductor coil can be summarized as: load, motor insulation, power supply, equal loss.

1, turn

Reason: the manufacturing process of inductor coil caused by enameled wire broken skin, corrosive substances in the system caused such failure.

Features: the windings are partially burned out, usually the inductance coil inside the motor cavity is clean, and there is only one point of explosion.

2, overload

Reason: generally, the inductor coil runs over current for a long time, runs over heat, starts or brakes frequently, and the wiring error is also caused.

Features: the windings are all black, and the ends of the inductor become discolored, brittle and even broken.

3, lack of phase

Reason: it is generally caused by the loss of phase of the power supply or the failure of the contact point of the contactor in the line to close, the disconnection of the wire connection point, loose or contact oxidation, etc.

Features: one or two phases in the windings are all black, the inductor is damaged symmetrically, and there are rules for phase loss.

4, to strike

Reason: the distance between the inductor coil and the end cover is not enough.

Features: between the inductor coil and the end cover or the end cover, there are blackened marks in both places.

5, alternate with

Reason: interphase paper did not put in place, or interphase paper damaged.

Features: the inductor is burnt between two adjacent phases.

6、Hollow inductor coil heating is due to the coil resistance is very low, 220V voltage plus later will produce a large current, the current will be very hot, you can try to increase the voltage frequency, frequency increase, inductive reactance increase, the current is small.

7, the line is too thin, it will lead to the resistance of the inductor is very big, in the current effective value is certain, the pole heating is normal.

8, the inductance has a large oscillation voltage at both ends, the inductance is saturated, this kind of heat is also very common.

How to solve the heating of air coil inductor?

1. It is recommended to change the magnetic core to a larger one, so as to reduce the number of turns and shorten the line length.

2. Is the inductance connected to the rectifier tube?If there is a filter capacitor in the front end of the inductor, please check whether it is open

3. This power supply has two identical inductors, one in the positive pole and one in the negative pole (no damage). In front of the SMT inductor is a controllable field tube without other capacitance.

4, the line is too thin, it will lead to the resistance of the inductor is very big, in the current effective value is certain, the pole heating is normal

5, inductance saturation, this kind of heat is also very common.

6, the inductor has a large oscillation at both ends of the voltage.

7. Change the magnetic core to a larger one, so as to reduce the number of turns and shorten the line length. Positive shock transformation results in a small ripple current and a small magnetic loss, mainly because the resistance thermal ripple current needs to be calculated.

The above is about the air coil inductor some basic knowledge, hope to have certain help to you!We mainly produce:air cored coil,smd inductor,inductance coils;Welcome to consult ~

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