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Guide for SMD inductor selection:

Many people think that different kinds of SMD inductors can only be used in restricted types of products, but they are not. The principle of inductance is the same.Its function is: boost, filter, energy storage.

To put it simply, it is a passive element that works when an electric current passes through it, blocking noise and alternating current while allowing steady and tributary currents to pass through.Figuratively speaking, it is through tributaries, blocking communication.

The role of inductance in the circuit is very big, people often ignore its role, there are many solution companies after choosing a company's product production plan, in order to further save costs in batch, and choose substitutes.

Actually, the inductance product that different manufacturer produces comes out is not identical, good manufacturer chamber of commerce USES high grade raw material, use mature craft, below the premise that assures the quality of the product and after-sales service, unit price often wants the manufacturer that other dimensions is opposite and lesser.

Many customers often ask me: why is your inductance more expensive than others?I said: we can guarantee quality, have the ability to deal with abnormal accidents and timely excellent after-sales service.

Our products are expensive, but they are expensive for a reason.

The following is the product model of our company:

  1                                         CCH                                        
10 SGA
11 CBH
12 CBN
14 SGU

Any inductance can be used in any electronic products, as long as the machine can be installed on the board, the amount of inductance, current resistance and other parameters in line, there is no problem.

Still have the problem that considers cost namely, those who shield must compare to blame shield is expensive, still have is the volume is smaller more expensive, sensible amount is bigger more expensive.

For example, some civil grade products, such as dc-dc, can be used non-shielding products.

Industrial grade products are generally higher requirements, there are scientific research, aerospace, the stability of the inductance, temperature resistance, weather resistance and other requirements are higher, so it is necessary to use shielding or die-casting inductance.


Post time: Oct-09-2019