SMD inductance parameters

SMD inductance parameters

1. The inductance

The amount of inductance mainly depends on the number of turns of the inductance coil, winding method, whether there is a magnetic core and the material of the core.In general, the more coils there are, the denser the coil, the greater the inductance.A coil with a magnetic core has a greater inductance than one without.The greater the core permeability, the greater the inductance.So there are many factors that determine the inductance.The basic unit of inductance is Henry (henn for short), denoted by the letter "H".Common units also hau heng (mH) and micro heng (muh), the relationship between them is: 1H=1000mH;Mh 1 = 1000 mu H

2. Allow deviation

The allowable error value between labeled sensor and actual sensor.Generally, the SMT inductance used in oscillation or filter lines requires high precision, and the allowable deviation is ±0.2%~±0.5%.The accuracy required for coupling or high frequency choke is not high, and the allowable deviation is ±10%~15%.

3. Distributed capacitance

The capacitance that exists between turns of a coil and between the coil and the magnetic core.The smaller the distributed capacitance, the better its stability.

4. Rated current

The maximum current value that the SMD inductor is allowed to pass when working normally.If the operating current exceeds the rated current, it will burn out.

5. Quality factor

Also known as Q value or optimal value, is the main parameter to measure the quality of inductors.It refers to the ratio of inductive reactance and equivalent loss resistance of patch inductance when working at a certain frequency ac voltage.The higher the Q value, the smaller the loss and the higher the efficiency.

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