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SMD inductance, is generally composed of coil and magnetic core, we generally see are closed, can not see the SMD inductance.In general, we think that SMD inductance is not bad, because we can not tell with the naked eye.

But the SMT inductor if you do not pay attention to, it will be very easy to cause damage to the SMD inductor.So how do we measure SMD inductance?The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.

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How does SMD inductance test stand or fall?

First, we need to label the SMD inductance.

There are two kinds of marking methods, one is the direct marking method, the other is the color marking method.

Direct marking method: on the shell of the inductance coil, directly mark the inductance of the inductance coil, allowable error, maximum operating current and other main parameters with Numbers and words;

Color code method: namely, the color ring represents the inductance, the unit is mH, the first and second digits represent the significant number, the third digit represents the multiplier, and the fourth digit represents the error.

Second, we need a universal meter.

Put the multimeter into the buzzer secondary pipe file, put the pen on both ends, and observe the reading of the multimeter.Normal SMT inductance reading should be zero, if the multimeter reading deviation or infinity means SMD inductance has been damaged.

For the inductor coil turns are more, the coil number reading with smaller diameter will reach tens or hundreds of, usually the dc resistance of the coil is only a few ohms.

If the inductance coil is not seriously damaged and cannot be determined, the inductance can be measured by the inductance meter or by the substitution method.

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Recommendations for SMD inductor:

1. The core and winding are easy to change the sensitivity due to the temperature rise effect. It should be noted that the temperature of the core must be within the range of specifications.

2. Winding is easy to form electromagnetic field after the current passes through.Therefore, we should pay attention to the distance between inductors, can be wound at right angles to each other, reduce the amount of induction between each other.

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