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How does a core inductorium store energy?Follow the inductorium manufacturer of Getwell inductor to understand.

A core inductor, or inductor, is the ratio of the magnetic flux of a wire to the current that produces an alternating flux around the inside of a wire when an alternating current passes through it.In the inductor, when the DC current is out of date, only a fixed magnetic field line appears around it, which does not change with time.However, in the wireless coil, when the alternating current is passed, there are fixed magnetic field lines around it.According to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction - magnetoelectric analysis, the changing magnetic field lines at both ends of the induction coil will produce an induced potential, which acts as a "new source of power".

100uh axial inductor

100uH Axial Inductor

Now the inductance, where is the energy stored in inductance?

In order to increase the amount of inductance, inductors will have a "magnetic core", magnetic core is magnetic material, different magnetic materials in the magnetic field storage time is different, such as the iron on the magnet, and then the magnet is removed, then the iron will be magnetic, and will maintain a certain time, this is the iron in the storage of magnetism.The energy storage part is the magnetic core. First, an electric current passes through the coil to generate a magnetic field on the core, thus magnetizing the core to store magnetic energy. When no electric current passes through the coil, the core will release magnetic field energy.

1.high frequency core inductance

In a static state, the core can be regarded as having a large number of small magnetic poles, and the direction of each pole is random and irregular.

2. Internal pole of magnetic core

After the coil passes an electric current, the magnetic core becomes magnetized and the magnetic poles inside it face the same way, a process known as electromagnetization.

Axial Choke Inductor

Axial Choke Inductor

3. Magnetic core is magnetized

When there is no current in the coil, the magnetic field becomes magnetized.At this point, the magnetic poles will return to their original position, that is, the change in the magnetic field to produce a current, complete the process of electromagnetism.

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