Comparison of 10 types of inductance characteristics and applications

Comparison of 10 types of inductance characteristics and applications

1, i-type inductance

Its predecessor is winding chip inductor, which is an improvement of i-type inductor. Baffle can effectively enhance energy storage capacity, change EMI direction and size, and also reduce RDC.It is also a compromise between signal inductance and POWER inductance.

SMD i-type inductors are mainly used for small power switching between several hundred kHz and one or two MHz, such as LED boost for digital cameras,ADSL...The lower frequency part of the signal processing or POWER applications, it has a Q value of 20,30, which is suitable for signal processing;RDC than the flexural patch inductance is low, as POWER is also very easy to use, of course, a large i-type inductance, that must be POWER use.

The biggest drawback of i-type inductance, is still open magnetic circuit, EMI problem, in addition, the problem of noise than the flexible patch inductance.I personally think, h - type inductance is certainly not the best structure, improvement space is still very large!

2. Color ring inductance

Color ring inductance is the simplest processing of rod inductance, which is mainly used for signal processing.Itself does not have the very big difference with the rod inductance characteristic, only many many solid things, and adds some color to be convenient to distinguish the feeling value, because the unit price is very cheap, does not pay attention to the volume, and still can use the plug-in electronic product, USES the color ring inductance still many.Because it is plug-in type, and too traditional, it is time to be eliminated by The Times.

3. Empty core inductance

The core inductor is mainly used for signal processing, for resonance, receiving, transmitting...And so on.Air can be used in VHF products, so many products with low variation requirements are still in use, because air is not the best material for fixing coils, so the development of products with increasingly strict requirements is limited!

4. Toroidal inductance

Ring coil inductance, is the ideal shape of inductance theory, closed magnetic circuit, very few EMI problems, make full use of magnetic circuit, easy to calculate, almost theoretical benefits, all back to the ring coil inductance, but, there is a biggest disadvantage, is not good winding, the process of manual processing.

Although the toroidal coil inductance is an ideal form of inductance, it is mainly used for signal processing because of the high demand, so it is less used. However, the toroidal coil inductance, which is very small and very small, is still used in high frequency and high sense communication products.

The annular coil inductance a lot of, is to use iron powder core materials, with resin mixed together, such as making uniform distribution within the iron powder core Air gap, and inductance, has certain sensitivity, when we see the word "Air gap, knew that is used on the power, therefore, iron powder core annular coil inductance, is the most commonly used one kind of power inductors, IDC can reach more than 20 amperes.

The improvement space of coil inductance is very large, so it is advisable to develop and think in this direction.

The advantage of the toroidal inductance of iron powder core is toroidal, but the disadvantage is also toroidal. The favorite shape of the user is square. Therefore, under the compromise, the toroidal inductance is not the most advantageous.

5. SMD lamination high-frequency inductance

The high frequency inductance of the patch lamination is actually hollow inductance. The characteristics are exactly the same, but because it is easy to fix, it can be miniaturized.

Patch layer high frequency inductance and hollow inductance comparison, because air is not a good fixed, but the relative permeability of air is one, in the high frequency is very useful, therefore, find some relative permeability is one, and is very good fixed, that is not very good.

In fact, most of the world's material, magnetic conductivity is a, the cheapest is stone, patch layer high-frequency inductance material is stone, stone is silicon!Same idea with aluminum oxide and so on.

All in all, the purpose of the high frequency inductive strips laminated material, can be made into laminated strips, convenient printing line, we not only don't want strips laminated material has characteristics of high frequency inductor, we want it to have no better, makes the high frequency inductive strips laminated completely like air-core coil, and because can be fixed, so tiny variation in the process, because the laminated process, more can try to miniaturization.Z=2* PI * frequency * inductance value, 2 and PI are constant, regardless of them, the same impedance, the higher the frequency, means the inductance value can be smaller, the frequency of current communication products is higher and higher, which means the demand for sensory value is smaller and smaller.

The smaller the sensing value, represents that we can do smaller, not high magnetic conductivity of magnetic materials, with air, with stone can be, so, the use of high frequency inductance patch layer will be more and more, this is the inevitable trend of human development.

Compared with the SMD laminated high-frequency inductance and the SMD flexible wire type high-frequency inductance, the Q value of SMD laminated high-frequency inductance is not high enough, which is the biggest shortcoming, but I can confirm that the Q value of SMD laminated high-frequency inductance on the market is definitely not the limit of this product, therefore, the improvement space is still very wide.In addition, because of the high frequency product variation requirement is very strict, so, the material to the temperature change, is also Taiwan and China patch laminated high frequency inductance, still can not fight with the Japanese system strongly important reason!

And finally, because the sensibilities get smaller and smaller and the accuracy requirements get higher and higher,

SMD laminated high frequency inductance will replace SMD wound high frequency inductance. It is predicted that SMD laminated high frequency inductance will also replace SMD laminated high frequency inductance in 5 to 10 years.

6. Inductance of magnetic rod

Inductance is the core inductance, inductance value is proportional to magnetic conductivity, plug magnetic material into the core coil, inductance value,Q value...And so on.Rod inductance is the simplest and most basic inductance. 30 to 100 years ago, inductance had all the applications and characteristics it had.

7. SMD SMD chip power inductor

SMD SMD chip power inductor mainly emphasizes energy storage capability.

8, magnetic beads through the heart

Magnetic beads through the heart are impedance devices. Inductors are low-pass components that allow low frequencies to pass through and block high frequencies.

9. SMD magnetic beads

Magnetic bead is the next generation of magnetic beads through the heart.

10, patch high-frequency transformer, plug-in high-frequency transformer

High-frequency transformers are commonly used for switching power supplies

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