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By analyzing the color of magnetic ring and the selection of inductor, Inductor manufacturers in China tell you:

Magnetic ring material and color analysis, to be divided into specific purposes:

Ferrite aluminum material has magnetic permeability :26, 60, 75, 90, 125 standard color is black.

Magnetic ring: Iron powder core materials generally use different coating colors to distinguish different materials. The international uniform coloring standard is as follows:

2 material:

Red body, transparent (FERRITE base) - This material has a low permeability and reduces the AC flux density during operation more than other materials without voillage.

8 Material:

Yellow body, red underside - this material has low core loss and good linearity under high deflection conditions, making it a good high-frequency material and the most expensive material.

18 material:

Light green body, red underside -- this material is the same as 8 material, with low core loss, but high permeability and low cost, and has good DC saturation characteristics

26 Material:

Yellow body, white underside - the most popular material, is a cost-effective general-purpose material suitable for a wide range of applications such as power conversion and line filtering.

52 Material:

Light green body, blue underside -- this material has a low core loss at high frequency, and the permeability is the same as -26 material, which is widely used in new high frequency anti-current devices.

28 material:

Grey body, green underside - with good linearity, low cost and relatively low permeability, widely used with large size high power UPS converter.

40 material:

Green body, yellow underside - the cheapest material, with properties similar to 26, is widely used for larger sizes

33 Material:

It is a kind of material that can replace 8 materials but is not expensive. It is suitable for the case where core loss is not important at high frequency and the linearity is good at high deflection.

Inductance selection

Inductance for high frequency signals

Inductance for high frequency signals is mainly used for radio frequency signals.

(1) Main parameters:

Inductance range: 0.6-390Nh;

Dc resistance: There are a variety of DC resistors to choose from. Generally speaking, the greater the inductance, the greater the corresponding DC resistance.

Self-resonant frequency: up to 12GHz. The larger the inductance value is, the smaller the self-resonant frequency will be.

Rated current: tens milliamps to hundreds milliamps.The larger the inductance is, the smaller the rated current is.

(2) Application features:

The relationship between the inductance value and the self-resonance point and the working frequency is shown in the figure below (taking TDK inductance as an example).

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