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The rod inductor is an accessory to ensure the normal operation of electronic equipment. It is a circular magnetic conductor. Rod inductor is a common anti-jamming component in electronic circuit, which can restrain high frequency noise very well. Next, the editor will introduce the characteristics of the rod inductor in the use process.

Characteristics of rod inductor

Ferrite anti-interference core is a new and cheap anti-interference suppression device developed in recent years. Its function is equivalent to low-pass filter, which solves the problem of high-frequency interference suppression of power lines, signal lines and connectors, and has a series of advantages such as simple, convenient, effective, small space and so on. Ferrite core is an economical, simple and effective method to suppress electromagnetic interference (EMI), which has been widely used in computers and other civil electronic equipment.

Ferrite is a kind of magnetic material with high magnetic conductivity which permeates one or more metals such as magnesium, zinc, nickel and so on at 2000 ℃. In the low frequency band, the anti-jamming core presents a very low inductance impedance, which does not affect the transmission of useful signals on the data line or signal line. But in the high frequency band, starting from the 10MHz or so, the impedance increases, the inductance component remains very small, while the resistance component increases rapidly. When the high-frequency energy passes through the magnetic material, the resistive element converts the energy into thermal energy and dissipates it. In this way, a low-pass filter is formed, which makes the high-frequency noise signal attenuated greatly, while the impedance of the low-frequency useful signal can be ignored and does not affect the normal operation of the circuit.

Rod inductor

Uses of rod inductors: anti-interference rod inductors are often used to suppress interference on power lines and signal lines, and have the ability to absorb electrostatic pulses at the same time.

1. Directly set on a power supply or a bunch of signal lines. In order to increase the interference and absorb energy, it can be repeated several times.

2. The anti-interference rod inductor is equipped with a magnetic clamp ring, which is suitable for compensated anti-interference suppression.

3. It can be easily clamped on the power cord and signal line.

4. Flexible installation and reusability.

5. The built-in card is fixed and does not affect the overall image of the equipment.

The color of the rod inductor is generally a natural color-black, and the surface of the magnetic ring is fine-grained, because it is mostly used for anti-interference and is rarely painted green. Of course, a small amount is also used to make inductors, which are also sprayed green in order to achieve better insulation and less damage to the enamelled wire. Color itself has nothing to do with performance. Many users often ask, how to distinguish between high-frequency magnetic rings and low-frequency magnetic rings? Generally speaking, the low-frequency magnetic ring is green and the high-frequency magnetic ring is natural.

The above is a brief introduction of the use process of the bar inductor. If you want to know more about the inductor, please feel free to contact our manufacturer for advice.


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