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Common mode chokes, also known as common mode chokes, are commonly used in distribution transformers on electronic computers to override common mode interference signals.In the design of the control panel, the common mode choke coil also has the function of EMI filter, which can prevent the electromagnetic wave caused by high speed power line from sending to the outside radioactive material.


Why common mode chokes are EMI resistant?

To understand this better, it is important that you begin to analyze the construction of common mode chokes.

Low pass filters for USB common mode chokes, La and Lb are common mode chokes.Two coils are wound on the same transformer coil with the same number of turns and phase angles (reverse of the coil inductor).Thus, when all normal currents in the circuit pass through the common-mode choke, such currents create magnetic fields in opposite directions in the inductor coil having the same phase Angle and counteracting each other.At this point, all normal data signal currents suffer from coil resistors (and a small amount of shock absorption due to the walking inductance);When the common mode current flows through the coil, because the common mode current is in the same direction, the coil will create a magnetic field in the same direction, and the inductive reactance of the coil will expand, making the coil behave as a high characteristic impedance, thus resulting in a strong expected shock absorption effect.

Therefore, the exponential common-mode current will be attenuated by the coefficient to achieve the target of the filter.In fact, if one end of this low-pass filter is connected to the interference signal and the other end is connected to the affected device and machine, La and C1, Lb and C2 will produce two sets of low-pass filters that are able to manipulate common-mode electromagnetic induction interference signals in the path to very low differential signals.

The circuit can not only suppress the transmission of external electromagnetic induction signal, but also attenuate the electromagnetic induction signal caused by the exponential line itself in the operation of the coefficient, thus effectively reducing the harm of the interference signal against the tensile strength.

At present, a common mode choke coil manufactured by the company has the advantages of high frequency noise suppression and prevention measures, common mode choke structure, poor signal transmission coefficient, small size, easy to use, good stability, easy to use and high quality.Widely used in double balance sound calibration equipment, multi-frequency transformer, characteristic impedance transformer, balanced and unbalanced transformer, etc.

There is also a usb with ferrite core common-mode choke coil/EMI filter inductance, have many series winding, good noise suppression and prevention measures, high common mode noise suppression and low differential mode noise data signal, restrain the interference signal low differential mode noise data signal, high speed data signal not deformation, small size, good stability, ease of use, the advantages of high quality.

USB cables for personal computers and peripherals, IEEE1394 cables for DVC and TV set-top boxes, and audio signals for LCD operating panels and operating voltages at the bottom.

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Post time: Nov-02-2020